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IV Sedation

Conscious IV Sedation

A “Primer” in Conscious IV Sedation Anxiety, fear, and apprehension associated with dental treatment keep more people from receiving proper dental care than probably any other factor. A relatively new procedure called “conscious IV sedation” has benefited many patients who READ MORE

All You Need to Know About Gum Recession

All You Need to Know About Gum Recession

 Gum recession disease and treatment Gums are very vital not only for the health of your mouth, but also for your overall health. They protect your skin, teeth and bones from injury and bacteria. Despite the popular belief, gum recession READ MORE

thinking man, what is a periodontist

What is a Periodontist?

So you’ve been referred to Dr. Bailey or another periodontist by your general practice dentist. What does that mean? What is a periodontist and what does a periodontist do? Well, we’ll tell you!  A periodontal specialist is a dentist, but READ MORE

Roadmap to A Happy, Healthy, and Confident Smile

November is traditionally a month to give thanks and find the reasons in life to be happy. However, some people can find it truly difficult to be happy and see good in life. While depression is a serious illness it READ MORE

Dental Floss

Best Way to Floss

Taking care of your teeth and mouth is actually an important part of your overall health. If you have a happy healthy mouth, your body can keep out infections and bacteria more effectively. We already shared with you how to READ MORE

Open Mouth

10 Tips for Great Oral Hygiene

Good oral hygiene correlates with good overall body and mind health. It is important to take care of your teeth and your mouth in general. When you think about it, our bodies have some amazing defense systems to keep bad READ MORE

Dental Floss

Can I Use Mouthwash Instead of Flossing

Can I use a mouthwash or rinse instead of flossing? This is a very common question that dentists and dental professionals get rather frequently. We assume that this is coming because flossing can, admittedly, be somewhat of a nuisance and READ MORE

Sensitive Teeth Feature

Sensitive Teeth | Treatment

by George M Bailey, DDS Why are my teeth sensitive? The most common reason for sensitive teeth is exposure of the root surface (dentin).  Gums may recede and expose the roots of the teeth which have nerve endings. For many READ MORE

All About Gum Recession and Treatment

This article will aim to answer a few frequently asked questions about gum recession. The thing about gum recession is that many people will have it in their life at some point, but lots of people don’t realize it until READ MORE


Tips to Properly Brush Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth is the number one thing you can do to prevent tooth and gum issues. Tooth decay, gingivitis, and other gum diseases or teeth problem can be really troublesome and painful. Brushing your teeth regularly can help avoid READ MORE

Periodontist and Dental Implants Provo and Salt Lake Utah

Bailey Implants of Provo and Salt Lake City, Utah has given people a bright new smile that they can be confident in for many years. Unlike your typical dentist we provide more than just a mouth cleaning and new toothbrush. We provide up to a full mouth of dental implants, natural and synthetic bone grafting, fiberotomy, crown lengthening and periodontic procedures for gum recession disease.

George M Bailey, DDS is one of the few periodontists in the nation that has been certified by Dr. Chao himself for the Chao Pinhole Technique. The Chao Pinhole Technique is the best and least invasive treatment for gum recession disease. Unlike other gum recession treatments, no donor gum tissue grafting , incision, or stitching is used  with the Chao Pinhole  Technique. A needle is used to make a small hole in the patient’s existing gum tissue, therefore the already existing tissue is simply adjusted to fix the problem. It has comparable results to other techniques used and  its a considerably less  painful experience and  it has a faster recovery time for the patient. There is  no discomfort from stitches because none are used and  the technique requires no scalpels. With the use of existing gum tissue the results are  natural looking and aesthetically pleasing.

Dental Implants are perfect for those who have single or congenially missing teeth. We take the time to properly diagnose our customers to ensure that we provide them the best experience with their dental implants for years to come.

Fiberotomy is absolutely vital for those who have had orthodontic treatment or those who will have their braces removed soon. It is a procedure that consists of detaching some of the tooth bone ligaments to prevent teeth from moving back to their previous position before the orthodontic treatment.  A very small instrument is inserted between the gum and the tooth (the gums are numbed before the procedure) and some of the ligaments are detached. The tiny ligaments then reattach to the tooth without being stretched.

Bone Grafting is another procedure provided by Bailey Implants that adds to the bone area around teeth to replace bones that have been destroyed by bacteria. We provide both synthetic (manufactured from non-bone sources ie coral) and natural bone gratfing (bones from human cadaver sources ) at our offices.

Crown lengthening is a procedure that restores tooth with decay below the gum line, a tooth that has broken below the gum line, to remove access gum to restore normal appearance or to restore teeth that are too short.

At Bailey Implants we are very passionate about giving our clients a safe and comfortable experience at our offices. We understand that for some, going to the dentist can be quite nerve racking, especially when a client is seeking the treatments we offer. We provide both local numbing and IV sedation when desired.  At Bailey Implants the comfort of our clients is the number one priority along with giving them a new found confidence in their smile. Because we treat everything from gum recession  to tooth loss and due to Dr. Bailey’s over 35 years of experience in the periodontics field, we can fix almost any problem that comes our way!