Conscious IV Sedation

Conscious IV Sedation

A “Primer” in Conscious IV Sedation

Anxiety, fear, and apprehension associated with dental treatment keep more people from receiving proper dental care than probably any other factor.

A relatively new procedure called “conscious IV sedation” has benefited many patients who are otherwise reluctant to seek dentistry. Through the use of IV medication, the patient can safely be made relaxed, comfortable, and anxiety-free (and amnesiac or memory-free for part or all of the appointment).

Although the patient does remain conscious at all times, the depth of sedation is such as to overcome feelings of fear and anxiety, and yet avoid the dangers of a general anesthetic.

Each patient is carefully administered only the amount of medication needed to individually achieve appropriate levels of sedation and is monitored throughout the appointment.

  • Patient may eat a light meal.
  • Patient must be accompanied by a responsible adult
  • No driving or activity requiring mental alertness for 24 hours