Dr. Bailey, Experience, and the Pinhole Surgical Technique

Dr. Bailey, Experience, and the Pinhole Surgical Technique

When it comes to any medical procedure, the experience of the professional performing the process is very important. Experienced medical professionals have been involved in many operations and procedures and no what to expect and how to achieve positive outcomes. Also important, experienced medical professionals have seen adverse situations and know how to still find positive outcomes despite things not going the way they should. In the end, experience means a lot in the medical world.

This is true in the dental realm as well. When a dentist is performing an oral operation or procedure on your mouth, you want someone who knows what to expect because he or she has performed the procedure many times not just read about it in a book. A second important factor for successful dental procedures may seem counterintuitive when considering how important experience is.

The ability to adopt, embrace, and perfect new procedures is a sign of a periodontal professional who knows how to care for patients. The saying goes “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” but if an experienced professional is stuck in the past and unwilling to embrace new technologies and procedures they will be left in the dust and look like those who mocked Ignaz Semmelweis for suggesting that doctors wash their hands.

New procedures are often aided by up to date research and equipment. These modernized techniques frequently lead to better results for patients or less discomfort for patients (and sometimes both!). It is for this reason that Dr. George Bailey with his 35 years of experience invested time, money, energy, and effort to become certified to perform the Pinhole Surgical Technique (Pinhole Surgery or PST).

Dr. Bailey has, for over three decades, endeavored to give his patients the very best care possible. When he learned about the potential to treat gum recession and gum disease (already very uncomfortable and painful conditions) with less pain for the patient he sought out the creator of the Pinhole Technique, Dr. Chao.

Dr. Bailey learned personally from Dr. Chao how to perform the Pinhole Surgical Technique and has seen the benefits of the process. Unlike traditional gum recession treatments that utilize gum or soft tissue grafting and involve incisions and sutures (stitches), the Pinhole Surgery is noninvasive and requires no incisions or sutures. Most patients are candidates for the new procedure, though not all patients are. Dr. Bailey recommends the Pinhole Surgical Technique for all patients who qualify. The process is shorter than traditional gum recession treatments, less painful, and the results are long lasting.

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