About Gum Recession

About Gum Recession

Gum tissue, like skin, protects the tooth and bone from injury and bacteria. A minimum amount of attached gum is necessary to protect and maintain the health of the tooth.

1. I Have Been Told That I Caused the Gum Recession By Brushing Too Hard. Is That True?

No! Most gum recession is caused by tooth position relative to the jaw and not by over brushing! Take a look at the teeth in your own mouth. Those that are receding are most likely to be those that have been pushed closer to the lip or cheek (either grew that way or had to be placed there during orthodontic tooth movement). Look at the position of the teeth below and their recession. Generally, you did not cause the problem by over brushing!


2. Is Gum Recession Just A Cosmetic Problem?

No! When the gum recedes, it exposes bone which then dissolves. One can lose the tooth (teeth) by not fixing the problem. Sensitivity is also a frequent problem since the root is exposed.

3. How Is It Treated?

Dr. Bailey is one of very few periodontists that have been certified to treat gum recession with a new technique called the Pinhole Surgical Technique. There are other methods and you can Visit Our Treatment Page to learn more. However, because of the benefits of the Pinhole process, Dr. Bailey will be recommending the new, noninvasive technique for patients who are candidates.