Gum Recession FAQ’s

Gum Recession FAQ’s

Most gum recession is caused by the position of the tooth (a tooth pushed out towards the lip, for example) and not by over brushing! The example below demonstrates the relationship of recession to tooth position in the mouth.




My teeth are really sensitive. Will this help the sensitivity?

Yes. Covering the exposed root will decrease the sensitivity. There are some teeth that are sensitive but may not need gum grafting to improve the sensitivity. We will show you how. Click this to see our section on reducing teeth sensitivity.

Can grafting cover all exposed roots?

Unfortunately, no! Long exposed roots, notches in the teeth (called abfraction notching), roots that have fillings, and teeth that have lost bone between the teeth are difficult to predictably cover. Nonetheless, almost always, they can be improved! The photo to the right shows all of these problems. This underscores how important it is to have treatment before things get too severe.


What else do I need to know?

It is important to realize that as the gums recede, the bone around the teeth dissolves. Thus, in the adult, all gum recession is also bone loss! Bone of course is what holds the teeth in place. Don’t delay! Keep your teeth healthy and beautiful!


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