Dental Implant FAQ’s

Dental Implant FAQ’s

Is It Painful?

It may sound painful, but the procedure is not! Local anesthetic (local numbing) is all that is needed for the majority of the procedures (IV sedation can also be used if desired). Once the site is comfortable, there is no pain.

What About After The Procedure?

Prescription pain medication is usually needed
for only one or two days.

I’ve Heard That Implants Can Only Be Placed If One Is 18 Years Or Older?

Not so! If one goes too long when a tooth is missing (either congenital or extracted) the body dissolves (resorbs) the bone in that area. If one waits too long, there may not be enough bone to place the implant.

What If I Reject the Implant?

True rejection (that is the implant not being compatible with the body) is extremely rare. The implant may ‘fail’, which is usually a problem of inadequate bone, poor bone quality, technique, or poor healing ability of the body in general. By far the majority of implants succeed.

If Implants Are So Successful, Why Are There No Guarantees?

The biology of the body is incredibly complex and very much different from one person to another. There are also body conditions in one person that are not present in another. Even with all the variables, dental implants enjoy an exceedingly high success rate!