L-PRF Platelet Therapy

L-PRF Platelet Therapy

L-PRF Platelet Therapy Provo Utah

Dr. George Bailey Offers Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin (L-PRF) Therapy, Using the Body’s Remarkable Healing/Repair System to Enhance Bone Grafting & Gum Surgery



What is Leukocyte-Platelet Rich Fibrin (or L-PRF)?

L-PRF is derived from the patient’s own blood and is a technique which concentrates platelets 3-5 times that found in whole blood. Platelets contain vital growth factors needed for healing. L-PRF also concentrates leucocytes (white blood cells). Leucocytes protect the body from inflammation and greatly increase the vascularity (blood vessels) needed in healing. Fibrin holds the platelets and leucocytes together in a strong mesh, thus concentrating these growth factors. This is a form of using stem cells to enhance healing. Thus Leucocytes and Platelets Rich in a Fibrin mesh. All Natural, All You!

What Is the Significance of This Process?

By concentrating platelets and leucocytes, the body better defends against infection and inflammation during healing with an enhanced healing, especially after any oral surgical procedure. Research shows that bone and gum tissue after surgery heals faster and more effectively when L-PRF is used. Again, think “stem cells”.


How Is It Done?

1. Blood Draw – blood is drawn from the patient the same way as with routine blood testing (all L-PRF procedures are done in the dental office)

2. Processed – blood sample put in a centrifuge-nothing else is added!

3. Surgical Placement – platelet/growth rich material is placed in the surgical areas (extraction sockets, gum recession sites, etc) of the same patient


Where Can It Be Used?

L-PRF can be used in any surgical procedure in the oral cavity that needs enhanced healing. Remember, this is basically using a concentrated form of the elements the body already has and which are used by the body in normal healing and repair.

Extraction Sockets – so the bone fills in faster and with more bone

Gum grafting – especially in severe recession

Bone Grafting – where there is insufficient bone for needed procedures

Implants – addition around implants to enhance initial and long-term healingL-PRF Platelet Therapy Provo Utah

Sinus Lift Procedures

Additional Information about L-PRF

Research – the research surrounding this technique is solid! There are innumerable scientific articles available from the world’s best researchers about the concept and technique.

The Concept – use the body’s healing elements in concentrated form for better and faster healing. This is the stem cell concept!

How Long Has It Been Used? – in some areas of the world, over 20 years. Significant improvements have been in place for about 8 years.

Side Effects/Complications? – all dental/medical surgical procedures have a risk of complications. But, L-PRF uses your own blood, no additives, concentrating healing factors so the probability of problems is actually reduced.

Tried It Before – we tried this procedure over 20 years ago, but were not impressed with the results-not bad results, just not enhanced results—the concept was and is solid, the results were not. Why not? The medical device then used to process the blood sample was poorly constructed. At a microscopic level, the cells were damaged and unusable. The technique then also required adding chemicals to the blood sample which we weren’t comfortable with. Great concept, not enhanced results.

What Has Changed?

1. Much better centrifuge for processing the blood sample! Preserves the cellular structure. Verified by extensive research.

2. FDA Medical Device Approval – original devices didn’t have this important approval!

3. No additives! – old technique added things we weren’t comfortable with

4. Wide base use by clinicians world wide! Wider use, better techniques!