What is a Periodontist?

What is a Periodontist?

What is a Periodontist?

So you’ve been referred to Dr. Bailey or another periodontist by your general practice dentist. What does that mean? What is a periodontist and what does a periodontist do? Well, we’ll tell you!

A Periodontist is Not Your Typical Dentist

As you probably figured out by now a periodontist is not your typical dentist. For most people the thought of going to the dentist mostly comprises of getting their teeth cleaned, a new toothbrush and sometimes even orthodontic treatment/braces or wisdom teeth removal.  But, sometimes you need more than just a dental cleaning and a new toothbrush and that’s where the periodontist comes in!

So, a periodontist is a professional who practices the field of dentistry known as periodontics. We know, we know, it doesn’t help if we use periodontics in the definition. Periodontics is the specialty of dentistry that studies the supporting structures of teeth, as well as diseases and conditions that affect them. The word periodontal refers to the tissue or regions surrounding your teeth (like gums). So, a periodontist specializes in the prevention, diagnoses, and treatment of diseases that affect the areas around your teeth! Periodontist also specializes in the placement of dental implants (because dental implants impact a lot of the area around your teeth!)

Periodontists, like other dentist, must continue their education to stay up on the latest in science. This allows them to treat problematic cases of gum disease and help people with complex dental histories. Treating serious conditions requires periodontists to be very skilled  surgeons. Periodontist can be called on to perform soft tissue grafts (gum grafting), dental implant procedures, or the new noninvasive Pinhole Surgical Technique. To perform each of these a doctor must be trained. In fact, only a few doctors in the country are trained to perform the Pinhole Surgery to treat gum recession.


Why all the focus on gum health?

Gum health is often times a sound indicator of your general health. Diseases such as diabetes, blood diseases and more are often first detected in a dentist office by a periodontist, making this form of holistic practice very vital no only to the health of your mouth and gums, but also vital to your health in general.

What should I expect when I visit a periodontist for the first time?

  1. An examination of your gum line
  2. Assessment of how your teeth fit together
  3. Assessment of any loose teeth
  4. X-Rays are also common practice

How can our Periodontist help?

Throughout our daily lives it is easy to take for granted the importance of our teeth structure. Have you noticed any strange sensitivity in your teeth when eating? Are parts of your teeth becoming more and more exposed? Gum Recession Disease is just one of several diseases that can be caused by poor teeth structure. It can also be affecting the aesthetics of your teeth structure, but from the questions listed above it is easy to understand that this is more than just a cosmetic issue.

Here at Bailey Implants we have exactly what you need to fix your periodontal problems! Dr. George Bailey has over 35 years of experience in periodontial practice and he is one of the few periodontists in the nation that is certified in the Chao Pinhole Surgery Technique the best and least invasive way to treat Gum Recession Disease. So when you come to see Dr. Bailey you can be assured that he is trained and certified. Dr. Bailey is one of a handful of periodontists in the state of Utah certified to perform the Chao Pinhole Surgery! He performs a full range of services at both his Salt Lake and Provo offices! Come on in and visit us and know you are in great hands!

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