Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting has been recommended. What does
that mean?

Bone grafting is the addition of bone to the area
around the teeth to replace bone that has been destroyed
by the bacteria.

There are two general types of bone graft materials:

  • Synthetic—manufactured or from non-bone sources (eg. coral). Most of these are crystalline approximations of human bone
  • Natural—(from human cadaver sources)

Why do you recommend human cadaver natural bone (freeze dried)?

Human freeze dried bone (Freeze Dried Bone Allograft—FDBA) is generally considered to be the standard for bone grafting in the oral cavity. Extensive research and clinical experience have demonstrated the general superiority of FDBA over the synthetics—they simply grow bone better! This underscores the importance of organ donors.


What is the possibility of disease transmission?

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta has issued several statements about the risk of disease transmission in human freeze dried bone (FDBA). Summary statements are below:

  • “Freeze dried and demineralized freeze-dried cadaver bone (the two types that we use— we do not use fresh-frozen grafts) —has had …no reports of disease transmission during the 30 year history of their use.”
  • “The probability of disease transmission is theoretical at best”

“Like you, we will continually ask to be certain. For more information:”