So your or your kids’ time with braces is almost up! You are excited because you (or they, you get the picture) have been sporting metal in your mouth for months, maybe even years. You may have even forgotten what you look like without the braces and you can’t wait to be able to smile without the extra effort it sometimes takes when you have braces in your mouth. But, before you shed them for good, your orthodontist may suggest getting a fiberotomy treatment done especially if your teeth were rotated with the braces- but don’t worry this may be the best investment for your mouth ever!

So What IS Fiberotomy?

Fiberotomy-“otomy” means to detach. Therefore, a fiberotomy is the procedure which detaches some of the tooth-bone ligaments. A very small instrument is inserted between the gum and the tooth (the gums are numbed before the procedure) and some of the ligaments are detached. The tiny ligaments then reattach to the tooth without being stretched. This helps keep the tooth in position after the braces are removed.

The tooth is held in the jaw by thousands of tiny microscopic ligaments that go from the tooth to the bone (much like the cords that support a hammock). When the tooth is moved during orthodontic treatment, these tiny ligaments tend to stretch like tiny rubber bands. When the braces are removed, the stretched ligaments may pull the tooth back to the position before the braces. Not good!

Doesn’t this weaken the tooth?

No! Only a small number of the total ligaments are detached. Those detached then reattach in just a few days. This is a procedure that is performed with high powered magnification (very tiny things).

diagram of periodontics

Does the procedure change the gums?

No! Only the ligaments between the gum and the tooth are changed and these cannot be seen on the outside.

What must I do?

After the procedure, you eat normally and brush and floss as you normally do. Told you this was a small but important procedure! The braces must stay on for three weeks so the ligaments can fully heal, then can be removed by the orthodontist or dentist.

What does all of this mean?

Getting the fiberotomy procedure done essentially means less time having to wear retainers after your braces are removed. Because of the fiberotomy, your teeth can potentially stay where they should be for years to come. There is less of a chance of your teeth snapping back to their original positions over the years which means more bang for the bucks you spent for the initial orthodontic treatment. Yes, this may mean keeping the braces on a little longer, but this also means a straight smile that will last a lifetime!

Beautiful smiling girl holding retainer for teeth (dental braces) and individual tooth tray

Even though the procedure is very simple, you still want it to be done by someone you can trust. With over 35 years of experience at Bailey Implants, customer satisfaction in our #1 priority along with giving our customers a new found confidence in their smile. Contact us today for a consultation!