How do I know if I have Gingivitis?

The gums may become tender, swollen, and may bleed when touched with a brush or especially when floss is used.

None of these symptoms may occur and yet you may still have gingivitis. The dentist and dental hygienist can quickly determine if gingivitis is present.




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Can other things cause gingivitis?

No! Gingivitis is caused only by bacteria. However, other things may accelerate the spread of gingivitis. These include: hormones (especially estrogen during pregnancy and puberty), smoking, medications, body disorders (diabetes is especially troublesome), and stress.

What is the treatment for Gingivitis?

Since gingivitis is an inflammation of the gums that has not yet infected the bone, treatment consists of three steps:

  1. Proper use of toothbrush and flossand other devices to remove the bacteria that causes gingivitis from the teeth. This must be done consistently twice daily.
  2. Professional cleaning.The dentist or hygienist will need to thoroughly clean the teeth.
  3. The above must be done on a regular basis. The causative bacteria form on the teeth in about 12 hours. Therefore consistency is needed.Consistency.

What about Mouth Rinses and Herbals?

These may be helpful, but the basics are the most important: proper twice daily oral hygiene, professional cleanings, and consistency.