Roadmap to A Happy, Healthy, and Confident Smile

Roadmap to A Happy, Healthy, and Confident Smile

November is traditionally a month to give thanks and find the reasons in life to be happy. However, some people can find it truly difficult to be happy and see good in life. While depression is a serious illness it can really help to “force yourself to smile.” Simply smiling can have a positive impact on your attitude, sense of humor, and outlook. But what do you do if you are ashamed or embarrassed by your smile? This is the case for millions of people.

For some, smiling is embarrassing because of missing teeth or gum recession. For others, smiling can be literally painful. For still others, smiling is both physically and emotionally difficult. What can you do if you fall into one (or more) of these categories? Well here is some helpful advice to ease the pain of smiling.

Create good oral hygiene habits:

Brush your teeth 2-3 time a day. Be sure you are brushing correctly. Floss regularly and frequently and be sure to properly floss. Also, use a mouthwash regularly.

Consult your dentist:

Your dentist is your dentist for a reason. He or she has some serious training. Get in for an exam and get their professional opinion.

See a specialist:

Specialists, like periodontist Dr. Bailey, dedicate their entire careers to a specific set of oral issues. For example, periodontists are all about everything around your mouth and teeth (specifically your gums and gum line). Periodontists can help with dental implants, gum disease, gum recession and more.

Consider repairs:

After consulting with your dentist and a specialist, consider any repairs they recommend. These can range from simple cleanings and cavity repairs to dental implants and gum grafting. If these types of procedures give you some anxiety, you are not alone. Simply request or find a specialist who offers some sedation during procedures. Also, don’t be afraid of costs. Many offices offer financial aid to patients. Plus, can you really put a price on your smile and happiness?!

Consider alternative repairs:

For example, if your gums need to be repaired, traditional gum grafting and repairs may not be your best option. The new, noninvasive Pinhole Surgical Technique offers a gentler option for gum recession. Among the Pinhole Surgery benefits: it is gentler, has a faster recovery time, and has equally long lasting results. Dr. Bailey offers this service in Utah at his Provo and Salt Lake offices. Also, since there are relatively few certified professionals who can perform the Pinhole Surgery, Dr. Bailey welcomes patients from across the Western United States.

Start today!

Don’t delay. The only day that is too late is tomorrow! Start your healthy habits and consultations as soon as possible and you will be on your way to happy, healthy, and pain free smile!