“This office exists to provide dental care with expertise, in a minimally threatening environment; ever mindful of the needs, wants, dignity, and concerns of the people we serve”


“The core of our philosophy revolves around the patient—human beings who have a right to receive the best possible care, be valued as a special person, and have their personal concerns, fears, and needs addressed during treatment. We follow the Hippocratic Oath in our relationship with the patient, especially”…do thy patient no harm”.


A healthy mouth.


A healthy mouth.


The treatment environment is designed to be comfortable for and comforting to our patients. A needed portion of profits are allocated to maintaining this environment on a continual basis. Dr. Bailey and our amazing staff are a big part of our environment.


Fees are designed to be commensurate with the level of care provided. They are determined/reevaluated on at least an annual basis. Fees must be sensitive to the monetary abilities of the general patient base so as not to produce an exclusionary practice where only a minority can afford therapy. This is balanced with the need to sustain a financially healthy business. Monetary compensation is secondary to providing needed care


Consistent with the above, sensitivity to patient finances dictates a variety of finance plans. (See FINANCIAL INFORMATION) All are consistent with the philosophy that the patient and not a third party are ultimately responsible for payment. Likewise, our responsibility is to the care of the patient and as such, we cannot allow financial third parties to dictate treatment unless it is consistent with needed care. This office will not enter into programs of health care whose level of non-funding may compromise acceptable treatment plans. We support fee for service concepts.


Advanced technology, materials, and devices are employed/procured as deemed appropriate to improve the level of patient care. Unsubstantiated items that may produce a diminished or harmful effect on patients are not utilized. New products and techniques will be critically evaluated until they become a known clinical standard of care.


It is expected that all staff members will spend appropriate time being educated in topics that will improve patient care and enhance personal growth. This office also assumes the position of sharing knowledge and providing education for dental professional. In fact, Dr. Bailey goes to extreme lengths to continually educate himself so he can serve his patients as best possible. This is why he underwent education and certification for the new, noninvasive gum recession treatment known as the Pinhole Surgical Technique.

It is our goal to provide you with the highest level of care possible and are happy to answer any questions you may have?

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